Cyber Security

Organized crime.
Business competitors.
Government linked actors.
Ransomware gangs.
They all want your data.

We are more and more dependent on the Internet for our daily lives and our businesses, and companies and organizations are under much more online threats than before.


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Secure and encrypted communication:

  • Fully automatic, painless PGP encrypted email platform:
    Encrypt your emails on storage and in transit. State of the art anti-phishing and anti-spam filters. Ability to send password protected SSL/TLS encrypted emails to anybody who doesn't use encryption. Set an expiry date for these emails.

  • Cloud or Self hosted, encrypted messaging platform for organizations:
    Mobile and desktop encrypted instant messaging platforms for collaboration and internal communications.

Secure infrastructure:

  • Secure Hosting of your web applications
  • Encrypted cloud storage and file sharing
  • Automated server side and endpoint backup
  • Fully end to end encrypted collaboration / productivity suite
    (Word processor, Spread sheet, task management, whiteboard, etc.)

Secure network:

  • Best in class, BSD based Firewall with very long hardware life cycle (x86 platform)
  • Very affordable, easy to install and remote managed in all points of your network, including cloud, branch offices, remote work hubs,etc.
  • Fully automatic "Intrusion Detection System" and "Intrusion Prevention System" (IDS/IPS)
  • Full traffic logs for forensic analysis (netflow)
  • DNS security
  • Multiple client to site and site to site VPN protocols

Secure endpoint protection and automatic updates:

  • One of the leading Anti-Malware software on the market
  • Desktop (Windows-Mac-Linux) and Mobile (Android)
  • AI assisted, automatic active scanning on the device for malware
  • Central command panel for the network administrator
  • Ability to monitor OS / software update situation and force remote clients to update
  • See all active devices and visualize their situation on the admin panel for reporting
  • A browser "secure surf plugin" can be used to avoid dangerous, phishing, and other problematic websites.

"Zero trust security" for your web apps:

  • Uniting network security services on a single platform built on a global platform, witting within milliseconds of the world's Internet connected population

  • Using a global unicast network to route traffic in a very efficient way to users
  • Admins built consistent access policies for self hosted and SaaS applications
  • Verifying identity and contacts of every login
  • Then access is limited based on various signals and policies per application
  • Admins build gateway policies that filter, isolate and inspect all Internet requests and user action in a single task
  • "Zero trust browsing service" keeps untrusted web nodes away from customers' devices and networks.
  • Reduces complexity, restores lost visibility and reduces attack surface

Penetration tests for online services:

We provide blakbox pentesting of your specific web app or full online presence (website, connected web apps, etc) and will come back with our findings and recommendations for you to implement. Aivivid also can help your IT department / contractor to implement those recommendations. Read more.

Security consulting:

You can hire our team for your consulting needs. Read more.

Information security training for your staff:

The most advanced technology in the world doesn't mean anything if your staff click on a wrong link. Humans have always been the weak link. Training your staff with our award winning curriculum and instructors, before it's too late. Read more.