Service Notice

Dear Valued Clients:This is to notify our respective clients that tomorrow, on April the 30th, 8:00 PM CET we are going to change some IP's in our infrastructure, meaning the service of your website / server might be interrupted for a few minutes. This possible interruption won't effect all the servers at once, and we will apply changes to the ... Read More »

13th May 2013
Scheduled Maintenance

Dear Valued Client,Aivivid shall perform scheduled maintenance and network upgrade which may affect your service.At May 21st, 2013 from 00:01 to 06:00 CET, the maintenance procedure carried out by our technicians. During this time, you may experience some problems with your service.In case of having questions in this regard, please feel free to ... Read More »

30th Apr 2013
Exchange Rate Updated

As our base currency is Swedish Kronor, the exchange rate to other currencies has been updated and we will keep updating the currency rates once there us a significant change in the rates.

7th Sept 2012
Scheduled Maintenance

Dear valued client:We will execute a scheduled maintenance on Tuesday Aug 21st between 3:30 to 4:40 pm CET and service will be down. We expect the maintenance not to take no longer than an hour and our technical team on location will do it's best to minimize the impact on our services.This will effect all the servers in the datacenter as we are ... Read More »

20th Aug 2012
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