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Part time remote internship positions are available now:

Aivivid is taking a number of remote, international, part-time interns as part of our in-house talent development. We are looking for a diverse range of candidates who can see themselves working for a technology company in the future. These candidates would like to learn about our industry, technologies we use, and how to build IT networks and services.

The positions are:
  • Part time: so students also can apply with no issues.
  • Educational: we will educate you in various technologies, DevOps, Security, and how to provide first like of customer supportΒ 
  • Paid: these positions are not free work and you woll be compensated at an internship rate
  • Equipment: we will be proving work equipment in terms of hardware and software.
  • Travel: Depending Covid 19 restrictions, travel may be offered for conferences or in person workshop.

How to apply:

  • Please send your CV and a seperate cover letter in English and PDF format to [email protected]
  • Your CV should not exceed 2 pages
  • Please include your full contact information in the CV
  • Please explain why you have chosen to apply for Aivivid internship opportunity
  • If you do not have an updated CV, here is a great guide on how to write one


  • Aivivid will review the applications and will respond to the applicant with an acceptance or rejection email
  • Accepted applications will have to pass a video interview with us. Once again you will be informed if you have passed this stage or not
  • We will ask you for some documentation if you have successfully completed both previous stages to begin the process of your 12-month remote internship, which may be extended based on your performance